Be My Guest Is Back! Enter To Win Screening Of "Sherlock Holmes" With Me Tomorrow!

Leave a comment below to win a chance to be my guest at a very special advance screening of Warner Bros. latest film "Sherlock Holmes" directed by Guy Ritchie that's scheduled for release on Christmas day. There will be Q&A immediately following with the film's star Robert Downey Jr.

These screenings ALWAYS overbook and I anticipate this one will be no different. The winner should plan on meeting me in line beginning 5:30 pm at the Director's Guild of America at 7920 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Since recording devices will be disallowed in the theater, I hope that you will consider spending a few moments following the Q&A to videotape your review of the film over coffee.

The winner will be selected using the Random Number Generator at later this evening sometime after 1:00 a.m. If your comment is there before I make the selection, your comment qualifies.


Flash2thePast said…
I've been waiting for this to come out. Enter me please.
blue said…
Please enter me.

Guy Ritchie. Robert Downey, Jr. how could this movie be anything, but fantastic?

Lecter said…
It is elementary that I will win, Watson!
A K said…
You are brilliant. RDJ is brilliant! Guy Ritchie is... inconsistent, but you + RDJ trumps inconsistency any day!!

Furthermore, my dear Barnes, it a post-screening review the film with would be my pleasure!

- B
David said…
If I thought there was any chance I could get up there by 5:30, I'd enter. But alas, I'm in Long Beach until 5pm and I'm told it is impossible. The movie looks good.