"A Table is a Table" - A Short Film starring Jack Danahy

To my great sadness today I discovered that actor Jack Danahy, a friend and colleague, passed away some time over the holiday season due to complications of lung cancer.

Jack was quite a conversationalist and it was through our mutual fascination and enjoyment of butoh that we connected.  But it was his love of evolutionary anthropology and his observations of humans as a species that really got him to talking.

This piece entitled "A Table is a Table" was written by Peter Bichsel and directed by Diego Quemada-Diez.  Of all the gigs that Jack had as an actor, it's this precious artistic gem that I'm heartened to know has now become a cinematic part of his legacy.  It is so quintessentially Jack as I knew him.

Jack Danahy was a generous, thoughtful and articulate man with a kind soul. I surely will miss working with him. Rest in peace, Jack. Rest in peace.


Jim said…

My wife knew a Jack Danahy from Buffalo who attended St Bonaventure, became a radio host on WYSL and then departed for future fame. His 1961 yearbook picture has a strong resemblance to your Jack. It would be extremely helpful to my wife if you could verify that your Jack's birthyear was approximately 1939.


Tanja Barnes said…
Gosh, Jim. I'm unsure of Danahy's year of birth. I'm sorry I can't help you out here.