27 May 2011

Something to do in Los Angeles This Weekend: Walking Tour of Thai Town Street Art Graffiti Murals

View Walking Tour of Thai Town Graffiti Street Art Murals in a larger map

I'm taking off for the Memorial Day weekend, leaving behind my house-sitting stint and the world's sweetest kitty so I've put together a map of a walking tour (see above) of the street art murals in the Thai Town area that I've been blogging about these past few days.

Some of the works from graffiti artists you'll see on this tour: RETNA, Miles "Mac" MacGregor, LA Mural Front, Dabs Myla, Desire Obtain Cherish Street Team and SEVER(MSK AWR T7L LOSS PREVENTION) and OZER(LTS T7L).

Click on the map pin to view an image to help you identify the piece. You can even click on the image in the popup to view more information or even perhaps an interactive panorama.

There's way more to see in the area. But if you head west towards Hollywood and Highland, you'll find this piece from Banksy Mr. Brainwash (left).

If you know of a location, please help me stick a pin in this collaborative map.  Note: I reserve the right to edit the map pins if the locations don't relate to street and graffiti art.

It won't take you more than 30 minutes to see them all but you may want to grab a cup of coffee or smoothie at the nearby Casablanca Coffee Lounge in which case add some more time to your tour.

Have a great weekend!

 Click through below for 360 interactive images:

"Venus" Mural by Desire Obtain Cherish Street Team
On the opposite wall is a piece by the LA Mural Front.
Mural by Dabs Myla
Super Smooth by Dabs Myla

La Reina de Thai Town
A collaborative mural by Retna & Miles "Mac" MacGregor
Violence Solves Nothing by the Seventh Letter
Kannon / Kuan Yin
A collaborative mural by Retna & Miles "Mac" MacGregor


Anonymous said...

hmmm not sure thats a banksy --- its a mr brainwash...


Tanja Barnes said...

Some argue that MBW is Banksy! XD It's funny because I got into a dispute about who did this with the friend that I was with when we saw it. Thanks for helping me identify this piece.