Bowling Ball Yard Art - Nowata, OK

It's nearly sunset on Lollipop Row, a section of Chris Barbee's Bowling Ball Yard art in Nowata, Oklahoma. Chris, a widower, welcomed us warmly and gave us a tour of all his creations including the Bowling Ball Fence, the Bowling Ball American Flag, the Bowling Ball Rosary, the Bowling Ball Pink Ribbon (commemorated to his wife who passed from breast cancer in 2006), the Bowling Ball Cross, the Bowling Ball House and much, much more. If you're passing through it's definitely worth visiting. To view more panoramic photos taken this day click through here.


Patrick said…
Very cool Tanja! What the heck were you doing in Nowata? I'm an Okie, and I've only blown through there once. ;-)
Tanja Barnes said…
Wow!!! Patrick Cheatham in da house and on my blog??? Welcome! I am honored! Soooo honored! And, as for being in Nowata, I got this handy little iPhone app called Roadside America and hauled my sister everywhere within a 2 hour radius of her and her husbands home in Kansas during a recent visit over Memorial Day. I even hit up Price Tower (also in Oklahoma, as you well know but maybe my readers do not) which will be featured on my blog in 360 soon so stick around for a few posts. I've got a few more to go! BTW, I did not know you were an Okie! I thought you were an SF tech geek! :)